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Finest Folk: Folk Alliance International First Friday with John Keck and Shannon

Folk Alliance International just got brand new headquarters and what a better way to make use of their new office space then to turn the empty room with a stage and create a showcase of some of Kansas City's finest folk. Last night John Keck played with Shannon O'Shae starting off the series with two sets.

There were so many things to love about this night. This event was set as a listening room and everyone there was quiet taking it all in. There was magic in the air last night as John and Shannon played together. John is a prolific song writer with a knack for capturing the human expeciance and illuminating love with his music. When he strums his guitar you can feel the emotion of it all. Shannon played with him adding a beautiful tapestry to the notes already woven. A few times John put Shannon on the spot to improvise as he played a song and they were perfect. I have heard John play these songs many times, but tonight they felt brand new. Before most songs John told their stories giving them depth. We also had the joy of hearing John play on electric, a Spanish guitar, and his acoustic guitar he describes as his best friend.

This is only the beginning of more great music at their headquarters so stay tuned for next month's addition.

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