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Halloween Show with Costume Contest

What could make Halloween more fun? A concert with a costume contest at the recordBar with a great line up in costumes. Kat King started of the night with a meow. Purrrfectly Kat dressed as a cat and the band as string, cat nip, and a mouse. I saw Kat some time ago with out a band (and she was great), but seeing her with a band took her music to the next level. Make sure to check out her single "Song from Spain" that came out last February (2019).

They set the energy for the show on a hight note. They played a great set and I look forward to seeing the band play again. Next up was Kid Computer taking us from a indie pop/rock to rock. They built on the energy of Kat King's set with and kicked it up a notch. The Darnedest Things EP came out in the spring and it sure does make some dance-y tunes.

There was a pause in the music line up for the costume contest. The room was buzzing as the contestants took the stage. The clear winner was the person from the Berries and Cream Starburst Commercial. She danced and tossed starbursts to the crowd with enthusiasm.

Not a Planet closed out the night with a bang! Their energy on stage was like a freight train coming down the road. A crowd of super heros, Wednesday Addams, Chucky Dolls, the cast of Scooby Doo, and a wide array of characters danced through there set with a few random tosses of starbursts going through the crowd. It was a really fun night of music and Halloween shenanigans.

Kat King

Kid Computer

Costume Contest

And the winner is....Berries and Cream!

Not A Planet

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