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Record Store Day - Hembree

Buzzing with anticipation a crowd lined up on each side of the building waiting for the special performance by Hembree at Vinyl Renaissance & Audio Overland Park. While the album House on Fire didn't official release until April 26, the people attending this Record Store Day performance were able to pick up an early copy of the album. Waiting for Hembree to start you could hear people talking about their favorite tracks and feel the energy level going up in the room. Hembree worked their way through the packed record store to take to stage. To the pleasure of the crowd Hembree played their way through the whole album. You could feel the pride in an excellent album as they bantered on stage between songs. At one point their was a mention of Alex and Austin's love for Collective Soul as they noticed a signed record on display. A few songs later someone from Vinyl Renaissance & Audio Overland Park brought up a signed record for Austin (hey, he's the one with the record player). Hembree closed out the set, but the audience demanded more! Hembree finished with an encore of Holy Water and Can't Run Forever. After the show Hembree signed records and greeted fans.

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