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About I Love KC Music

Kansas City has a fantastic music scene. I Love KC Music aims to keep people in KC in the know of all the awesome bands & music happenings.  I Love KC Music focuses on concert photography and live music videos.  You can also find album reviews, interviews, upcoming concert highlights.  You can also follow I love KC Music on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter too.​

I Love KC Music was started by Kimberly out of her love for live music in Kansas City. Not being musical herself she seeks to support the amazing bands through social media. For many years Kimberly had been attending concerts and found a growing desire to get more involved in the music community.  Kimberly begin having conversations with friends about wanting to be more involved as someone who was not a musician herself.  Over and over the response was we don't need more bands, we need more people to come to our shows.  Although the I Love KC Music Instagram started in August 2014, it was at Boulevardia in 2016 where Kimberly had a conversation that gave her the final push to get I Love KC Music started.