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House On Fire - Hembree House Show Album Release Show

On April 26 Hembree release their full length album, "House On Fire." What could be more fitting to release an album with that title than a house show. 96.5 The Buzz and Sofar Sounds partnered up to make this show happen. As we waited for Hembree to start the people were buzzing with anticipation for the show. The main floor was full of people as well as the overlooking upstairs room. The lights glowed warm and intense on the band as they played to an intimate crowd. Don't let the word intimate here be confused with quiet. Hembree was there to rock (although there was no jumping on drums or speakers this time; they were in a house ya know.)! They played through the whole album as the crowd ate up each song. It was incredible to get to see them play in a room full of people intensely listening to the band. There was so much joy in the room - it was awesome.

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