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Electric Guest with Soleima

Electric Guest brought the KIN tour to Lawrence, KS at the Granada Theater on February 19, 2020. A cold Wednesday night full of loving concert-goers singing word for word and dancing the night away.

Starting off this chilly night, Danish musician Soleima brought her warm and drifting R&B tunes to the stage. Her voice is so uplifting and unique that captivated the crowd. Such a vibrant performance to transition into Electric Guest.

Electric Guest, a band from LA, brought their high energy and love to Lawrence. Supporting the newest release of KIN, the piece is about love, living in this day and age, and the stress of being alive. The expression performed through each track was remarkable. Expressing the love and bringing people together was vividly felt and seen through the crowd. The night was full of endless dancing. Asa Taccone, lead singer, threw ‘Dollars’ to the crowd during ‘Dollar’, a lead single off of KIN, handing roses to crowd goers exchanging joy and smiles and having a tshirt cannon launch to the crowd. Amusingly enough, a shirt was caught in the ceiling during the toss. As important to the theme of the album, Taccone spoke to the crowd about how important it is to stick together in the current times of the country and dividing only makes matters worse. It is important to support one another. You could see the crowd all night play into the themes of the music and the endless amount of joy everyone shared together. Electric Guest are incredibly talented musicians. Check out KIN and more of their work. Tonight’s performance was breathtaking and a wonderful way to spend a chilly Tuesday night.

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