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Kansas City Folk Fest

Even though I just saw Kelly Hunt (Kansas City) in a private showcase the night before I had to see her again. Kelly's voice has a sweetness and a clarity they works happiness into the corners of the heart. Stas' and Kelly are a power duo not to be missed.

Emily White (Chicago) mixes folk, blues, and rock for a captivating set.

Riley Downing (Holt, MO) playing the blues.

Kelly Werts (Fairway, KS) having fun playing spoons in the family room at Folk Fest. The audience was really into it.

Rev. Sekou (St. Louis, MO and Oakland, CA) belted out the blue with a message at Folk Fest. His music was absolutely captivating. This set was a little like going to activist church. Rev. Sekou is a preacher, an activist, and a musician. There was joy, hope, and dancing in this room. This was an I Love KC Music favorite. When your soul feels crushed, their music can turn it around. This band was on fire.

Crystal Rose (Kansas City) has a voice as smooth as butter. Her music washes over the audience with a folky R and B as she brings all the feels. Crystal enchanted the crowd with her voice and lyrical poetry.

Searson (Eganville, Ontario) mixed a modern feel with traditional Irish sounds. Their upbeat music had the crowd going as they told the story of a home town legend- a bacholor at his party drank to much and passed out so they loaded him into a coffin and paraded him around town; it even made it into the new paper. They also did some some tradtional Irish dancing.

Kalyn Fay (Talsa, OK), is a storyteller mixing blues, and country, and a dash of pop stiring up emotions with their songs. Their song Tulsa

Olivia Fox (Kansas City)

Grassfed (Kansas City)

Trio Aztlan (Kansas City)

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