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I Love KC Music's Best of 2019 by Kimmy DeVries

One of my favorite holiday traditions is putting together the I Love KC Music Best of the Year List. Every year I am blown away by the talent in Kansas City (and the surrounding region). I also love the way that our community lifts each other up with the amazing organizations and people supporting the music scene. This year there were over 100 singles, EPs, and LPs released that I know of (also huge shout out to Michelle Bacon for helping me fill in my list of bands who released music this year.) this is a list of my favorites.

Best Album of 2019

1. “House on Fire” by Hembree

2. "Carbon" by Olivia Fox

4. "ameri"kana" by Making Movies

5. "The Captain" by Violet and the Undercurrents

6. "Otaku Moods" by Kadesh Flow

8. "Oa2" by Other Americans

9. “Electric Park” by Kemet the Phantom

10. “Vinegar” by Julie Bennett Hume

Honorable Mention: “Home Movies” by Like a Tiger, “Meditation” by Lava Dreams, “Watching a Gardner Die” by Berwanger

Best EP of 2019

1. "Pala Zolo" by Pala Zolo

2. "High Horses" by Fathers

3. "Y god Y" by Y god Y

4. "Around the Fire" by Blue False Indigo

5. "Chase The Horseman" - Disinformation Blues

6. "I'm Afraid I'm Not Angry" byThe Greeting Committee

7. "Boy" by J. Taylor

8. "Started With a Family" Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

9. "Swallowtail" by Miki P

10. "The Nostalgic Generation" by Modern Day Fitzgerald

Honorable Mention: “Plastic Jazz” by Le Grand, "Love Art Growth" by Ivy Roots

Best Single of 2019

1. “Breaking Point” by Jillian Riscoe

2. “Fear or Faith” by Belle & the Vertigo Waves

3. “Dim the Light" by Shy Boys

4. “Strange Turn” by Second Hand King

5. "Horses" by Martin Farrell Jr

6. “Hell” by Nicole Springer (Also on The Nicole Springer Band EP)

7. “Dirty Hands” by Sara Morgan

8. “All Alone” by Me Like Bees

9. “On My Way” by Carswell & Hope

10. "Still Okay, Still Alright" by Jenna & Martin

Radio Station Who Best Supports the Local Music Scene

Best Festival 0f 2019

Boulevardia 2019

People Making A Positive Impact on the KC Music Scene

Sondra Freeman and Rhonda Lyne

Kasey Rausch

Mark Manning

Diana Ennis

Emily Katz

Enrique Chi

Michelle Bacon

Chris Haghirian

Kim Stanton

Fally Afani

Kim Stanton being awarded a thank you gift for all the hard work she's done over the 20 years helping with Rural Grit Happy Hour

Fans who show up to show after show, because what's a concert without an audience.

Dedicated fans waiting to hear Hembree play The Truman

This was a really hard choice because there are so many folks doing amazing things to make a positive impact on the KC music scene. In the past I've done four people, but there are so many people doing amazing things worth recognizing I decided to grow the list this year.

Best Music Organization in 2019

Best Music Venue in 2019

Must See Bands to See Live in 2019

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