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Outer Reaches Festival 2019

BCR aka Black Crack Revue, Kansas City's legendary Afro Nuclear Wavabilly Funk Swing Reggae Turska Band - a 45-year Kansas City music project of the legend Dwight Frizzell as he performs with his 7-piece Arkestra. The enterance to the stage was an epic start to the festival! The music entranced the festival goers.

Unicorns in the Snow (Kansas City) mixes recorded audio clips, visual images and music Her performance is an evolving multimedia performance piece featuring cameos from participants of the drama she leads for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias (words from her bio). The imagery and content in her set captivated the crowd.

Monta at Odds (Kansas City) is a spacey psych rock band. They recently added Teri Quinn to their band and she added great texture and depth to the band, she is a band member you didn't know how much she was needed until she was there. Monta at Odds is a staple to this festival; it wouldn't be the same with out their expansive, spacey dance grooves.

Shiny Jets (Kansas City, MO) is an experimental rock duo with hints of a punk rock poetry reading. Their music mixes experimental sounds, jazz, and rock.

Thunder Jackson (Cardiff/Oklahoma) had an explosive energy that commanded the crowds attention as danced across the stage. Their songs are catchy and begged the listeners to dance. Thunder Jackson had an enthusiastic group of people there for their performance. This is definitely a band to see live.

Faceface is a KC should be on your list of need to see rappers. FaceFace mixes the mundane of grocery shopping with topics of social justice. Faceface has funky beats that beg the listeners to dance.

It took a little bit, but my face eventually went back to it's regular shape after the face melting experience that is the Lumerians (Oakland, CA) - an extraterrestrial psychrock band.

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