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Bloxx/Warbly Jets/Hembree

Waiting for the concert to start - Photo by Kimmy DeVries


Bloxx, an alt rock/indie pop band from Uxbeidge, UK, warmed up the stage at the Truman on June 21. You could sense their excitement as they took the stage. Ophelia rocked one of Hembree’s shirts as she played. Good vibes radiated from the stage to the crowd; it was clear they enjoyed playing with each other. The crowd was moving to music. Ophelia has a beautiful voice; they sound even better live then recorded.

Bloxx - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

Warbly Jets

The bass shook through the crowd as the Warbly Jets (LA) put it all out on the stage. Everything about them screamed rock n roll and the audience ate it all up. There was a wildness about there energy as they effortlessly jumped from the stage to the gate between the crowd and the photo pit to play. The Warbly Jets used the stage to have something to say too. Their song “Propaganda” asks their listeners to think about what’s going on now and what’s being fed to us and another song was about guns. People came to see Hembree, walked away fans of the Warbly Jets.

Warbly Jets - Photo by Kimmy DeVries


There’s nothing like playing to a hometown crowd and Kansas City loves their Hembree. The Truman was full of Hembree fans! Fresh off the album release they were full of energy ready to rock. The stage was already hot from the Warbly Jets and Hembree didn’t let it cool. You could see the joy beaming off their faces as played hit after hit off the album. The band had reached a boiling point as they played culture.

As Hembree was about to start their encore, the manager of The Truman came out with the word to wait. Quizzical looks we’re exchanged and quickly were swapped with smiles and shots were given to the band as a piñata was revealed. Why a piñata? To celebrate Isaac’s birthday that was two day away. After the piñata broke Hembree ended the night with an explosive version of “ House on Fire.”

Hembree - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

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