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Denzel Curry and Billie Eilish

Artist Denzel Curry emerged from the shadows and jumped into the performance with strong, astonishing energy. Captivating the crowd throughout his entire set. As each song ended and began, he gave small speeches about being uplifting with oneself, knowing your strength and bringing positivity to everyone along with yourself. Curry also made a stance to stand up for what you believe in and continue to fight for what is right. Curry made multiple pauses during his set to help crowd goers who needed water or brought medical attention where it needed quickly, refusing to take stage until help arrived. Artist and crowd both reciprocated the love that resonated that night. Denzel Curry truly cares for the people, and capturing the beautiful connection between artist and fans is an experience that will not be forgotten.

Denzel Curry - Photo by Miq Delmar

Opening with ‘Bad Guy’ Billie Eilish takes the stage with cheers from the crowd. Eilish performed hits ‘xanny’, ‘ilomilo’ and more from latest debut ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ Eilish gave a phenomenal light and visual performance for each track. The arena was full of emotionally invested fans who swayed and sang every word as loud as could be. Moments like these remind us photographers and people who document events such as these why we do what we do.

Billie Eilish - Photo by Miq Delmar

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