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Duo Death Match with Jenna & Martin vs. John Keck and Chris Hudson

Last Thursday a battle of epic proportion happened on the stage at the Westport Saloon. Andrew Morris of The Matchsellers refereed the match between Jenna & Martin and Chris Hudson & John Keck. They battled it out each round playing a song related to the topic given. There were also some interesting rounds like impress Travis (the owner of The Westport Saloon), involve the judge (Andrew played banjo with both duos on their song), and a switch up where John and Jenna swapped sides. Neither duo was above playing dirty - trying to bribe the judge and the audience along with slinging insults at each other. Jenna and Martin were far in the lead at the end of the first half. Chris and John got closer point wise on the second half. In the end it was a tie. The win came down to a vote by applause and cheering. The very official applause-o-meter showed Jenna and Martin the winner.

Chris Hudson and John Keck

Jenna and Martin

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