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The Ghost Wolves and The Philistines

Get ready to get rowdy when The Ghost Wolves are in town! They are one dynamic duo from Austin, TX. The over head lights were cut off and only two flood lights sitting on the floor lit the stage while The Ghost Wolves melted the faces off the crowd. They were rocking so hard that one of the lights on stage knocked over. Their music mixes punk, rock, and blues with explosive energy. These two have great chemistry and pull in the crowd with their music. At one point people from the crowd were strumming on Carly's guitar as she held it out to the crowd. This is a band you don't want to miss live!

The Ghost Wolves - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

The Philistines (Kansas City) built on the energy created by The Ghost Wolves with their set. This was the perfect band to follow up. It's always great to see a band that loves being on stage and The Philistines definitely have a good time. Their intergalactic psychrock got the crowd grooving to their music. It may have been a Tuesday night, but the mood of the night said Friday. You can't go wrong catching The Philistines live.

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