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Monta at Odds/Nite/Foreign Resort/Emmaline Twist

Monta at Odds (Kansas City, MO) has a knack for the unusual; they mixi sounds and genres to create groovy electronic music. Seeing them live has an other worldly feel as they rock out with minimal rhythms, slow-mo funk, jazz, and lots of synth. Mikal's stage presence perfectly matched the music. Monta at Odds is weird in all the right ways. Make sure to check out their latest album "Unsuspecting" that came out this January.

Nite (Dallas, TX) tore up the stage with their dance rock with a heavy dose of synthy 80's dream pop. Kyle and Myles bring a lot of energy to the stage with a dynamic chemistry that can only come from twins playing together. Their music dares the crowd to dance and engage with the music.

Foreign Resort (Copenhagen, Denmark) hopped on the stage ready to rock. This was the second time Nite and Foreign Resort toured together. Their music is a mix of explosive post-punk and dark new-wave with sublime guitar harmonies. They had a powerful energy on stage.

Emmaline Twist (Kansas City, MO) was the perfect band to follow Foreign Resort as they also have post-punk and darkwave sounds. There's a passionate fire in their music and an intensity when they play. Meredith's voice that has a soothing heaviness that's light at the same time. Their voice paired with the driving rhythms and memorizing guitar harmonies create an atmospheric texture. It feels so good to see them live!

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