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Mosie and Cherub at The Truman

Mosie (Boston, MA) preformed a set at The Truman with rugged sounding hip hop and smooth guitar synths that had the crowd hyped. The band was feeding of each other's energy.

Mosie - Photo by Miquela Martinez

Cherub (Nashville, TN) at The Truman with mad energy that rilled up the crowd! The crowd was chanting to Cherub and Cherub incorporated the chant into the next song. At one point there was a disruption in the crowd and Cherub stopped their set to give a speech and said that if the fighting didn't stop they would. They said we all should love and care for each other. Everyone is here together for one night for a great concert. They told the crowd to hug the people on their left and on their right. Everyone started hugging each other. It was an amazing moment that Cherub incorporated into the next song. The energy in the room was high as the band and the audience fed off each other. The audience was jumping around and waving their hands in the air. They were a loving and caring band. The lighting and haze in the air turned up the intensity of the music. It was perfect. As an encore they preformed "Doses and Mimosas."

Cherub - Photo by Miquela Martinez

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