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Album Review: Shawn James - The Dark & The Light

Shawn James released his album "The Dark & The Light" on March 22, 2019. I Love KC Music asked roots music super fans and fans of Shawn James, Jeannie and Elaine Holmes to guest write a review of his album.

It is a great honor for my mother, Jeannie Holmes and I, Elaine Holmes to write a record review on behalf of our dear friend Shawn James (Los Angeles, CA). We have been ardent followers of his music for many years now. His latest offering, “The Dark & The Light,” is his most mature and thoughtful recording put forth to date. This record was recorded in California under the production of Jimmy Messer of Parts and Labor Records. On a whole, the record for us is a hopeful one during a dark time in the world. Many of the songs represent healing and love to us, as listeners. It is so lovely to hear our friend Shawn use his beautiful instruments, his voice and his song writing to offer solace.

Shawn James is our favorite. There is no secret that we believe his work on the “The Dark & The Light” is music that will change the world. The music really shows the depth of the artist. Shawn is making the correct steps to becoming a major influence on a lot of people fulfilling the prophecy of a preacher given to him as a boy. The music is deep and hopeful true to his soul. His voice captures you. The lyrics and the music rival any work done by any other songwriter. The “Burn The Witch” video was released first and it rocked our world. Next, came the video for “Orpheus”. The opening song “Orpheus,” became Elaine’s favorite new song the first time she heard it. The theme rooted in the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice from ancient Greece is also the story of undying love between a couple, I adore it’s the delicious groove and that fat horn section makes it irresistible. Powerful stuff. “Love Will Find A Way Part One And Two,” brought us to tears. A lot of us have suffered the loss of a loved one from addiction and this is Shawn’s poignant look at his own. We can heal. It is an anthem for today’s world. When We first heard “The Weak End,” the song became part of our lives. It has a light-hearted vibe but a deeper message of redemption. “Haunted” has what we call “a hook,” the words and the music stay in your soul. Shawn’s voice on “The Curse Of The Fold,” makes this one a forever song which crosses genres and age groups. Worldwide success will follow for Shawn. “Chicago ,” speaks of his home on earth. We all know Chicago to be a special place. They should make it the theme song of the city! Finally, “When I’m Gone,” asks all of us to realize that we are here for a short time and that we must utilize the gift of life wisely.

We trust this music will enrich your life like it has ours. It’s so gratifying to watch your favorite musicians mature and evolve. We are hopeful that not only will the people that already adore him be elated that Shawn James growing and seeking a greater audience with his soulful music but that a whole new audience of people will come to know what we are ready know… But Shawn James is a legit musical phenomenon and a damn fine human.

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