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I can't think of a better name for the band SWELLS (Austin, TX). Seeing them live felt like riding the swells of waves deep out in the ocean. They had this energy that rode like a chill wave with the perfect mix of ups and downs. Their lush beats with her beautiful voice was mesmerizing. The crowd soaked in the music with arms waving up and down to their beats. I hadn't heard SWELLS before the show, but I haven't stopped listening to their music since.

Blackillac was an explosion of energy on stage. The crowd ate it up and gave it right back. This dynamic duo from Austin owned the stage. When they freestyled and referenced things in Kansas City, the crowd lost their mind. This was another band I hadn't heard of before the show, but they converted me as another fan (and I know I'm not the only one).

Blackillac - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

The energy was high from Blackillac and anticipation for Missio (Austin, TX) was high. Missio took it up another ten levels. The energy loop between the audience and Missio was insane. I've been to so many shows over the years, but the energy in the recordBar this night us unlike anything I've experienced. It was simply incredible. Their music recorded is great, but you do not know Missio until you've seen them live. Blackillac joined them on stage for a song and it was epic. Song after song the crowd was singing along.

Thank you Kansas City, SWELLS, Blackillac, and Missio for an incredible night. This was one for the books.

April 15, 2019

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