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The Mark Music Show 3.2: Kelly Hunt

Kelly Hunt - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

Kelly Hunt and Stas' played the second show in The Mark Music Shows concert series this year. This music series has been host to some incredible music and this night was no different. Kelly had the crowd hanging on every word. Kelly's music has this way of transporting you into the exact moment of the song. Kelly with the voice of a sweet song bird paired with the soft melodies picked on the guitar and the strings bowed on Stas' violin make magic that mesmorized the crowd. Some of the songs were joyful and others of sorrow, but all moving. The story goes that when Marshall Hall (the event space) was build it was made for the daughter of the pastor who sang opera and it has spectacular acoustics. For the last song Kelly showed off exactly what the space could do. She stepped away from the mic and they played this moving old Irish tune that left the crowd breathless. This was one of those special concert memories you never forget. I still get chills just thinking about that moment.

The Mark Music Shows are a concert series benefiting The Mark. This February 41 News did a great piece on The Mark. Here are a few quotes from the story;

St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church, located at 3800 Troost Ave., is looking to transform its 3,000 square-foot basement into the The Mark Youth and Community Center .

The center would house cooking classes, a computer lab, tutoring, a recording studio and other amenities.

"What we're trying to do is give them a healthy, safe place to go, some place to get a snack, some place to get a little tutoring if that's what you want to do, to learn some things like recording in a studio and photography and video making," Simon said. "We got some volunteers already that are just poised, ready to teach those things."

Executive Director of the DeLaSalle Education Center Dr. Elizabeth Sanders said the new center will serve those at DeLaSalle, and continuing to change the stigma from "at-risk students" to "at-promise."

Click HERE to see the whole story.

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