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Willi Carlisle and Tyler Giles

Willi and Tyler are two men who have a way with words and boy did they create a night of feelings at the Westport Saloon on March 6.

Willi kicked of the night with a mix of old folk tunes made new and his brilliant originals. Through humor, poetry, and a little magic, Willi takes everyday moments and turns them into folk art masterpieces with a dash of activism. Weather Willi was singing or telling stories in between songs, he had the crowd hanging on every word. His recorded music is wonderful, but there's nothing like seeing him live to hear the stories or the fun interjections in the middle of song.

Willi Carlisle

Tyler Giles kept the emotions high with his set. He started off on a high note playing his only happy song, Buffalo Creek. Tyler's song are full of heartache and real emotion. His music hits on topics that are so relatable. To make this special night even more memorable, Tyler asked Kaylee to join him on stage for a few songs. Kaylee and Tyler sing together in the band The Bastard Children of Booker Noe. Kaylee has a melt your heart beautiful voice and their harmonies are haunting.

Tyler Giles - Photo by Kimmy DeVries

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