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Hippo Campus - Now, Now: Sold Out AF

As you approached The Truman there was a line wrapped around the building. In the chilly night, you passed concertgoers mingling with one another and hyped to enter the venue. Hippo Campus had a sold out af show that night and the attendees were ready. Originating from Minnesota, Hippo Campus and The Now, Now performed an unforgettable night. How Kansas City took in these artists was a heart warming experience.

The Now, Now had such great chemistry  with one another and drawing the crowd in. As the lead Cacie jumped higher and higher as she graced the stage inviting the crowd to join. Hippo Campus couldn't have picked a more perfect band to share the stage. The color scheme of the lights fit each song and the atmosphere so perfectly. The crowd kept announcing their love for the band, it was amazing how intimate the show felt. Especially in such a crowded, sold out af, space. The response of the crowd left The Now, Now for a loss of words from awe. They returned the response with smiles and thanks. 

Casie of The Now, Now - Photo by Miquela M

Concert goers are winding down from the admirable performance of The Now, Now. Everyone is anxious, awaiting Hippo Campus's arrival. As lights dim, a humming sound begins and slowly grows louder. Blue and purple dim lights grace the stage through the smoke coming off the stage toward the crowd. At last, Hippo Campus emerges from the shadows and the crowd went wild. The night was full of beautiful loving energy. Having songs that are melancholy and full of deep meaning, the crowd sang word for word. Even though some are so heavy, the night was full of happiness and love. An experience leaving you speechless. A night to always remember, KC always shows artists loving support and eager for more.  

Hippo Campus - Photo by Miquela M


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