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Seth Campbell Releases First Single: Mary B

Seth Campbell - Photo by Stephanie Agudelo

Seth Campbell (St. Pete, FL) released his first single, Mary B, today.  Seth orginally hails from St. Joseph, Missouri. Some of you may recognize Seth as the bass player from his old band, Julian Davis and the Hayburners (Kansas City).  One of the things that made the Hayburners unforgettable was Seth's stage energy as he climbed the bass and had fun playing.  Although his new solo project is psychedelic funk and blues, the high energy and passion for playing is still there. 

Mary B, begs you to dance to the funky beat.  This song has a flirtatious vibe with lyrics like "Mary...I like the way that you sing for me." Mary...I like the way that you wear that dance for me." Mary B captures the alluring side of a past relationship with good memories.  Looking deeper you can see that he hasn't forgotten what went wrong in the relationship as to not get pulled back in like a moth to a flame. The solos have some monstrous riffs that will leave the listener grooving along.

Seth sings "'re the song that I threw away", but this song is definitely a keeper.  You can listen on his website and YouTube now.  Coming soon to Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.  

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