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Lunar Duel EP by Mysterious Clouds: Album Review

I Love KC Music is excited to have Rod Peal of The Philistines joining the team doing album reviews.

Lunar Duel - Mysterious Clouds EP

EP Cover Art by Craig Mildrexler

I found myself completely enraptured by this delightfully lush little nugget; I trust that if you have a lean toward classy psychedelic soundscapes and jangly flower pop you will too. So I’m just going to give you the thoughts evoked by each of these tunes in random order, see if you can match them up.

-Slinking nervously down a dimly flickering, pulsating corridor in a dream.

-Fizzy happy jangle disco, love fest, dance party in a paisley bellbottom leisure suit.

-Vast and cinematic. Evoking visions of altered Italian desperados roaming their desert landscape in a mad, murderous fever dream of the wild west.

-Soaring, bubbly bass, vast strings and echo keys. A classy, deep, day-glo romp.

-What space echoes must sound like to super god giants with ear canals the size of superclusters.

-Could be the lost Albern/Bacharach collaboration tape. BLISSFUL

-Reflective and introspective. A navigation of familiar mysteries.

Sometimes Ennio.

Sometimes Dario.

Even Bond.

Always right.

Always intriguing.

What to Try Next

If you love this EP as much as I do, do yourself a big favor and delve into a few hours worth of Monta At Odds (another Kansas City band) music that exists out there. I ran a little shop years ago and would sell all the best local music of the day. I could totally pull a “High Fidelity” when the right people came in. Throwing on some Monta would ALWAYS guarantee a sale.

Mysterious Clouds at Outer Reaches in 2017

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