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Havilah Bruders and Charles Williams: The Mark Music Show

The Mark Music Shows, continue to be incredible. The Mark is raising funds to provide an after school program for underserved youth on Troost. This concert series just finished it's second year; it's about to enter it's third year. Marshall Hall is a listening room with impressive acoustics.

Havilah Bruders and Charles Williams gave us the gift of jazz. This show was dazzling. Havilah and Charles enchanted the room with their music. So often at bars the music is enjoyed over the hum of people talking, but not tonight. The audience as almost silent with the exception of the pitter patter of children’s feet and cheering after solos. Both Charles and Havilah remarked after the concert about how special the night was. Havilah’s voice is stunning. Her voice is powerful with depth and beauty, but don't take my word for it, have a listen. Charles put us on cloud nine with his piano playing. On a song about fall you could hear the brightly colored leaves falling softly on a sunny fall day. They took turns wowing the crowd with beautiful solos. If you love jazz, you need to hear Charles play.

Havilah is known around town for a variety of things. Not only does she and her husband Kris host Here's to the Roots: A Weekly Local Musician Showcase, she also sings in Cadillac Flambé, does solo projects, and collaborative concerts. I've seen Havilah perform before, but tonight was different. Other than the occasional pitter patter of children's feet, the room was quite as Havilah blew us away with her powerful vocals. In fact, she sang without a mic.

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