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Yoke Lore, Bay Ledges, and LUCAS.

LUCAS. opened the night with an instrumental set. The crowd was absolutely loving their set. Driving percussion, soaring synth, and melodic guitar making otherworldly sounds. Some songs were heavier and others lighter. This Kansas City band is creating music unlike what’s out there in the Kansas City music scene. Their live performance is high energy and it’s obvious they’re having fun playing together and for the crowd. The energy the band put out the crowd gave right back.

Bay Ledges (Los Angeles, CA) kept the good vibes going. Their music captures feels a bit like riding waves on a sunny day while some songs feel like dancing on a patio with warm air, sparkling lights, and groovy beats. Their music was memorizing. Zach’s voice carries the melody while Moa’s back up vocals hooks you in. The music was super catchy and audience was swaying and nodding along (hey, Monday nights are hard nights to get really dancing).

As Yoke Lore (New York) made his entrance the crowd cheered with joy and they pulled up close to the stage. The stage went from dark to light as a projection of him playing lit the back drop. There was an interesting shadow of him created like mimicking him as he played on stage. This felt similar to his music video for “Only You” in the way it makes Yoke Lore the focus of the show and commands attention to the present. Adrian (who plays by to moniker Yoke Lore) has a knack for creating intimacy in a crowd. Monday night’s a tough night to pull a crowd to a show, but they came out for Yoke Lore. Yoke Lore (Adrian on banjo and synth, Eli on drums) has been around for about two years and has quickly gained a strong following. His music feels expansive and contemplative. The music of Yoke Lore blends folk, pop, and a pinch of EDM. Some of his songs invite a dance party, watching him dance on stage was this epic mix of all out rock show, dancing on your bed to your favorite song, and an big expression of joy. Other songs are much more reflective in nature. His music sounds fantastic recorded, but it was even better live. His voice shines and soars over the melodies. Throughout the set you could hear the fans singing along with Yoke Lore. Yoke Lore may be interested in the stories of how we are bound and tonight he made an experience creating community.

If you want to know more about Yoke Lore? Check out Kimmy of I Love KC Music's interview with him.

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