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Double Album Release Show for Bob and Una Walkenhorst and Of Tree

It was cold and rainy outside, but inside the recordBar there was warmth and joy. The stage glowed a rosey purple with light shining ready for the music to begin. The bar was vibrating with excitement and a love for the bands that was palpable. Last night was a night of celebration as Bob and Una Walkenhorst released their album For Tomorrow and Of Tree released How Does It Feel.

Storm Circus stirred up the crowds emotions with music from his heart. At one point Corey asked the crowd, “Is everybody sad yet? No, okay, I’m working on it.” Listening to Storm Circus is like seeing late afternoon thunderstorm leading to a spectacular sunset. There was a brutal beauty in the raw emotion expressed in the lyrics while his haunting voice entranced us all. In between songs he endeared us all with his quirky personality and his stories. Corey is a musician with something to say in his stories and lyrics. What made Storm Circus’ performance extra special was the fact that he produced Of Tree’s album.

As a father/daughter duo there is an undeniable chemistry on stage with Bob and Una that only family can bring. The audience filled the room with laughter as they talked about the authors of the songs. Una stated, “We were going to write songs together, but we were too stubborn. Bob replied, “Yes, and you came by it honest.” There was a lightness on stage as they played a mix of songs from their new album, sprinkled with songs from Una’s solo project and The Rainmakers. Storm Circus wasn’t the only one with something to say last night. Bob and Una’s music felt both old and new as they played music of protest and calls to action with their folk music. As if their striking harmonies weren’t beauty enough, Sasha joined them for the evening playing cello adding a vibrant texture to the songs.

Of Tree ended the night with a floral symphony of strings and melancholy sounds. While they played their album from start to finish a dazzling projection by Lisa Marie Evans danced across the wall. A feeling of deep peace washed over the room as the audience listened intently to their songs. Their set was an epic, otherworldly dreamland of flowers, cosmic harmonies, a fusion of strings melting, and airy beats swirled through the recordBar. It was the perfect end to a perfect night of celebration.

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