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Eems, Crystal Clayton and Run With It's Final Show

The Rino was filled with emotion as Run With It was playing their last show ever as a band. The night started off with music from Eems. Do you ever think about how big your dreams feel until you think about what the dreams of your heros are? Eems gets that in his song “Small Dreams.” In this set you could feel his passion for music this set. Eems continues to surprise new listeners with the drumline on some of his songs. When you pair his love of music, his incredible voice, beatboxing, and a folky ukulele you get Eems.

The emotion in the room was building as Crystal Clayton took the stage. Crystal’s energy burned bright with a quiet intensity. She played a stripped down set with Elliot on cajon and Dustin on acoustic guitar. Her music blends power pop, R&B, and her soulful voice that entranced the crowd. As she sang “Blinding Lights” the lights flashed as she sang with a fiery passion; there is something about chasing dreams that are just out of reach that get me every time and you could feel the desire to reach that goal in her performance.

Over seven years Kansas City has fallen in love with Run With It. This band has performed around the world sharing their light. The Rino was packed with people there to see the final show by Run With It and the emotions were high was they took the stage in the dark. The set opened with Daniel playing the drums with fire. Miguel shared his story one last time for the song “One More Fight.” No matter how many times the story of Miguel’s fight with metal health has been told, it holds power. There is something special when a band can take a moment and be real with the audience. Run With It put on a show with explosive energy. The set wouldn’t have been complete without them hoping into the audience to play a cover of Vance Joy’s Riptide as the audience sang along. This band’s music and message was a gift; their live sets will be missed.

(Sorry for the lack of video, I got so into the show I forgot to record one.)

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