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Interview with AY Young of AY Musik and Battery Tour

If you've ever gone to First Friday and seen a large group of people dancing to music by 18th and Grand, you've seen the Battery Tour featuring the music of AY Musik. Battery Tour is a sustainable mini music festival powered by batteries. It features the music of AY, has an open mic, and of course lots of dancing. AY is also a solo artist who has opened for Wyclef, Shaggy, T-Pain, and Aaron Carter. AY got hooked on music after hearing his brother AJ (another KC artist) playing his guitar one day and realizing this all of his writing would best go to music.

On September 7, Amazon Prime will be here in KC filming the Battery Tour for a documentary about sustainability. In addition to bringing pop-up concerts to the people, the Battery Tour has partnered with Conner Hazelrigg of 17° 73° Innovation Co. to bring electric power to those without power. The Battery Tour uses the universal language of music and dance as a vehicle to build community, connect cultures and generations, and to solve universal problems. Kimmy of I Love KC music sat down with AY to find out more about the AY Musik, the Battery Tour and exciting things coming up in the near future. We also talked about things like the racial division in KC, preforming on the Plaza, discovering rap, over coming challenges and more.

The video below will teach you about the Sunshine Box that the Battery Tour is raising money for made by Conner.

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