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I Love KC Music's Birthday Celebration

Show flier made by Steve Gardels

I Love KC Music has paired up with Kansas City-based record label Haymaker Records to celebrate it's two year birthday with a night of outdoor music . A concert will be held at Californos on Friday June 13, 2018. The show will feature three groups from the Kansas City music scene; spastic-r&b rock group Temp Tats, the genre defiant Amy Farrand and The Like, and psychedelic rock band The Philistines.

On June 19, 2016 I Love KC Music began as an outlet to get the word out about live and especially local music in Kansas City. In the last two years Kimmy has covered a couple hundred concerts and found so much music to love. This all started with a strong desire to get more involved in the music scene without being in a band. The one thing Kimmy heard from multiple people was that KC didn't need more bands, we need more people to come to shows. Armed with her cellphone, a slight addiction to Facebook, and a love for live music Kimmy started going to shows and posting about them. In December up 2016 shw took a step forward and got a camera. It was in this step that shw found a new great joy-photography. Concert photography has given her a way to be creative within community. The last two years have had a major impact on her life andshe am so grateful for everything I have experienced through I Love KC Music. This year I Love KC Music has also added a second photographer, Miquela (Maholla Delmar), to the team and KJ is now taking over writing album reviews. Recently Kimmy has also been on the rotation of DJ's on KKFI's Thursday night Local Showcase radio show with musician and folk DJ, Kasey Rausch. I Love KC Music is thrilled to celebrate the joy of two years of promoting music in Kansas City with other music lovers this Friday at Californos.

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