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Westport Roots Fest Pre-Party

Kelly Hunt, Kansas City songbird started off the Westport Roots Festival Pre-Party on the right notes. At the end of her set all Kimmy could think is Kelly's new album can't come out soon enough. Until her album comes out, enjoy these pictures and a video of Kelly signing the Coo Coo song with Stas' Heaney and Betsey Graves.

Tyler Gregory keep things moving along with his deep voice growling out the blues and folk while he stomps out a beat to move the crowd.

Tyler Gregory Photo by Kimmy

Truckstop Honeymoon was a treat. The chemistry on the stage was palpable. They were quick witted in their stage banter. Their music was fun and at times had something of importance to say. Their talent on their instruments brought the crowd to dancing. If you like bluegrass and old time country, this is a band you need in you life.

It wouldn't be the start of the Westport Roots festival without A.J. Gaither the one man band playing. He had the crowd rocking to his gritty high energy blues strummed on homemade instruments. Watch out you might leave with a craving for beans, bacon, and cornbread. Or maybe it's the biscuits and gravy you like the best.

A.J. Gaither (Photo by Kimmy)

Grassfed kept the party going with high speed bluegrass. Listening to Grassfed is like flying down a dirt road on a warm summer day, with gas in the tank playing songs and a trail of dust flying behind. The energy on their new album Moovin' Down the Road is captivating, but seeing them live puts their music on a whole new level. The strings are flying and it's easy to find yourself dancing along to their catchy tunes. For this set they had special guests Chad Graves and Stas' play with them.

The Westport Saloon was packed with eager fans of The Calamity Cubes ready for an epic set of down and dirty bluegrass. The energy in the room was high with excitement. They closed down the party with a bang!

Everywhere you looked, people were having fun!

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