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Helmet and Prong at The Truman

Helmet and Prong got together for a epic tour de force making a stop in Kansas City at The Truman. This line up couldn’t be more perfect; both of these bands were huge in the late 80s/early 90s with their post-punk/artrock in NYC. These two bands are still putting out albums and putting on fantastic live shows. This show ended the week with a banger making the Monday grind just a little easy to stomach.

There was no time wasted warming up the stage; Prong came in ready to go! Prong walked on stage going right to the edge greeting the crowd and getting them amped up. There was no time wasted in this set. Every song packed a punch of energy. Prong used every inch of the stage-they played both sides of the stage, played right at the edge hyping up the crowd, and playing off each other. At one point the drummer was tossing his sticks back and forth with the bass player. While there was an intensity to their set, their sense of fun was right there too. The crowd was giving it back too- moshing, pumping fists in the air, cheering them on, singing along, and banging their heads to the beat. Prong may have taken a hiatus from the scene for some time, but since coming back in 2012, they have been a force to recon with. This set showed they have no signs of stopping.

With the stage already hot and ready for rock, Helmet took the stage. You could feel the energy in the room fire up as the band walked on. Helmet played with more serious tone, but the passion for the music was running high. While Page stayed closer to the mic through the set, Kyle, Dan, and Dave played off each other; the band had great chemistry. Throughout the show you could hear the crowd singing along. The mosh pit was small but steady and overall you could see crowd getting into the music. At the end of the set Helmet left the guitars feeding back and walked off stage. There was an intensity as the crowd cheered for an encore. Helmet walked back on stage with intensity. There was a sick guitar solo during the encore.

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