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Friday's Private Showcases at Folk Alliance

Dar Williams' (Rhinebeck, NY) plane ended up arriving late so she didn't have much time to do much more then show up for her set. She told the room that this is not the ideal, but at Folk Alliance it's a place to be vulnerable because it's a group of people supporting each other. The hotel room was full to the brim and people were spilling out into the hallway just to hear her sing. It was a lovely set; it was worth standing on my tip toes to snap a few pictures so I could see her performing. There was a reason the room was packed.

I caught Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Fort Collins, CO) in the Lost Cowgirl Room. She had a gift of making the room feel like it was full of friends. There is a lightness in her music with her sweet voice and the way she plays her guitar and ukulele is just lovely. Her music is so relatable. She had us laughing in between songs.

The Roseline (Lawrence, KS) was described as sad bastard music you'll want a whiskey with. Even his voice echos that beautiful melochaly feel.

Erin Kay (Edmonton, Alberta) filled in for another band at the last minute and what a blessing it was. Her music is raw and beautiful. I could feel the honesty, hurt, and healing in her music. Her voice, was genuine and powerful, it was a you had me at hello moment with her music.

Jessica Paige (Kansas City) is on of those people I never get tired of hearing play music. Her music fills the room with each beautiful note. Kansas City is really blessed to have her call this city home.

Jessica Paige

Tina and Her Pony (Ashville, NC) blew me away. Their alto harmonies were stunning. As we cozied up in the hotel room their was a peacefulness that settled in. It was such an amazing set I chose to end the night there because it was so perfect.

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