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Friday Official Showcases at Folk Alliance

Sara Ajnnak (Gargnäs, Sweden) opened a new world to the attendees of Folk Alliance. She sings in her native language, Ume sami, which is one of several endangered sami languages. Her music was beautiful and emotional. She told stories of her culture, racism, and her family history.

Stephen Kellogg (Fairfield, CT) can't be defined by just one genre, but his songs will captivate the heart. There is an honesty and poetry in his songs.

Newpoli (Boston, MA) plays an interpretation of southern Italy's taranta tradition. Their music fills the room with tradition, color, and a need to dance. Also present in their music are hints of Greece, Turkey, the Mediterranean, and Spanish. This band has a charismatic stage presence.


Jeremy Dutcher (Toronto, Ontario) crosses boundaries in his music. His operatic tenor voice is captivating. His music infuses his Wolastoq First Nation roots into this classical sound. It was quite beautiful.

Henry Nam (Rockville, MD) also known as Sheltered Turtle plays in the stunning percussive finger style. It's mesmerizing watching play. Henry's music was one of I Love KC Music favorite's from Folk Alliance. There is a love and a passion in his music.

Henry Nam

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear (Independence, MO) is a Kansas City favorite. Their infusion of folk, soul, and blues has worked their way into Kansas City's hearts. Sitting in a full room you could feel the love exchanged from stage to audience as they played their songs. Their set few by with harmonies, sweet guitar riffs and just the right amount of percussion.

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