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Heartbroken: A Tribute To Tom Petty &The Heartbreakers

Heartbroken: A Tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

On Friday March 2nd, 2018 if you head over to the recordBar you'll yourself at the Heartbroken: A Tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert. The Cody Wyoming Deal along with several of KC's finest performers are celebrating the music of Tom Petty. The Deal is a semi revolving Lineup of some of the best musicians Kansas City has to offer. In the past, The Deal has served as a backing band for Alejandro Escovedo, and thrown an all star tribute to The Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street" among others. This time out, The Deal consists of Cody Wyoming- guitar and Vocals, JB Moreland- Guitar and Vocals, Erik, Voeks- Bass and vocals, Matt Richey- Drums, Lin Buck- Keyboards, and Katie Gilchrist- Percussion and Vocals.

The band is also excited to present and support the following entertainers. Some of whom will be singing with the band and some will be performing solo.

Matt Kesler (Pedaljets)

Teri Quinn (Abandoned Bells)

Bill Latas (Outhouse)

Jessica Paige

David George

Greg Wickham (Hadacol)

Meredith McGrade (Emmaline Twist)

Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling (Victor and Penny)

Rachel Mallin

Jimmy Fitzner (Grisly Hand)

Ben Summers (Grisly Hand)

David Regnier (Dead Voices)

Garrett Nordstrom ( Maria the Mexican)

Margo May

I Love KC Music asked the band how Tom Petty impacted their life? Why they chose to play this show? What is one of their favorite songs and why?

David George said, (I) "First heard “Breakdown” the live version when I was in high school in Seattle. It had the most amazing and infectious yet simple groove. I was hooked! But it was when I was hanging with some college kids and he had a copy of “Damn The Torpedoes” that I was sucked in. They were the coolest American rock band to ever exist. They embody everything I love about rock and roll. I am thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait to blow some minds!"

Lin Buck (keyboards) said, "For me, as great of a songwriter Tom Petty was, Benmont Tench was (and is) a huge influence on my playing. Since I first started creating organ parts for original material, the question: “What would Benmont play?” would always enter my mind. When Cody asked me to be part of this event, I jumped at the opportunity and completely immersed myself. Though it sounds fairly easy, playing the role of Benmont might be the most challenging gig I’ve ever had.

Cody Wyoming "Its, peculiar. When I first took this challenge on, I thought it would be a breeze. They were one of the first bands, that was "My music" I discovered them on my own. Well, from TV and Radio anyway. But it didn't come from my parents, or uncles or kids at school. They were mine. Petty's music is such a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. I thought learning these songs would be no problem, because they're fairly simple and I'm already more than passingly familiar with every single one. And I couldn't have been more wrong. The music of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, is so exacting and so precise, that it borders on perfection. It sounds loose and raw, because the emotion is real, the band was so unbelievable that they could swing like the wildest Rock and rollers, while being in complete control of everything they were doing. Both live and on record, there's not a wasted note, a superfluous strum, or throwaway lyric anywhere. Every single piece of the puzzle is as meticulous as it is essential. And I've already become a measurably better musician just by following the recipe that they laid out."

JB Moreland (lead guitar), said, "Tom Petty was always part of the movie. Sometimes in the background, sometimes right in the front but always present. I was always aware of him. Now that he's gone i can feel that too. It's weird."

Katie Gilchrist said, "My first exposure to Petty was visual. “Don’t Come Around Here No More” spun the Alice narrative on its head; and sparked a curiosity about the artists involved. I’m overwhelmingly excited to play his songs with these extraordinary musicians. I get to stand in a room and completely geek out...not only on the music, but on this community."

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