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Fort Defiance and Scotch Hollow

It was a quiet night in the city and in the warmth of the Westport Saloon, two cool roots bands played their music. Each band was a husband and wife duo. Fort Defiance warmed up the stage and Scotch Hollow closed out the night on January 18, 2018.

Fort Defiance (Nashville, TN) spends most of their year touring playing their fine music. Fort Defiance’s music made me fall in love with love again. Watching Laurel and Jordan interact on stage was fun, seeing how much they love their music (and each other) was refreshing. Fort Defiance is not the kind of band that just stands and sings. Laurel and Jordan stand tall on large create boxes to play; Laurel stands on Fort and Jordan stands on Defiance. You might see them trading a hat, stealing a kiss, jumping on and off the stomp box, and playing with their instruments behind their backs. Their music feels classic and new. This band is so much fun to see live because they are so intentional about engaging with the crowd and each other. Whether it's Jordan playing on standing up on a bar stool, telling a story, or passing out shakers for everyone to join in on a song. In addition to some very interesting homemade shakers, Fort Defiance also plays a small toy piano and railroad spikes.What a fun set.

Scotch Hollow ended the night night with some steel heavy, foot stomping blues. They often play as a fuller band, but on this night it was just Carly singing and Mark on the steel guitar. Carly’s voice has a power to it that’ll knock you right off your feet if you’re not careful, but never fear, Mark’s skill on the steel guitar will pick you up and put you on your feet. Their harmonies are fantastic. Scotch Hollow plays a mix of originals and covers they make their own. They played a sweet version of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick Wall. It’s fun hearing Too Bad Poor boy where there is both a sweet steel guitar solo and Mark raps. The music was too good this night to stay home and go to bed on time. Staying out for music on a weeknight may feel like a risk, but this was one of those nights the gamble paid off.

Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance

Scotch Hollow

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