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Sound 81 Productions Music Showcase

On January 17, 2018 Sound 81 Productions hosted a music showcase. It was set after set after set of stop you in your tracks beautiful music. The miniBar’s upstairs is sometimes affectionately called The Disaster Room, on this week night it was transformed into an intimate listening room. Each set flowed perfectly together. The power of their talent took my breath away. These musicians not only have a way with words (and do they ever have a way with words), but each note and chord was played with skill and purpose.

There was so much magic in this night it will not soon be forgotten. Listening to Jake Wells’ music makes me feel like I'm sitting by a lake on summer night as warm rain kisses my skin. Erica’s smokey, soulful voice sent chills down my spine. Her music has a power and heat. I was utterly mesmerized watching Jake Allen play the guitar. Between the looping and his percussive fingerstyle it was easy to feel like I was listening to a full band. The night had an ethereal feel to it with lush guitar and stunning voices. This was a night where you remember why you love music so much.

Jake Wells

Jake Wells

Erica McKenzie

Jake Allen

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