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Abandoned Bells and Claire Adams

It was a night of opposites, of light and sweet and dark and heavy. At first I was a little surprised to see Abandoned Bells on the same bill as Claire Adams. They may seem like an unlikely pair, but their contrasting styles felt just right. Teri reminded the audience that once upon a crowded stage, Claire and Teri actually played in the same band.

Abandoned Bells started off the night playing nightmaricana with dark and twisty themes. This trio makes magic happen on stage. Their music feels like an angel tormented by nightmares. Their songs are eerie and beautiful. Krysztof’s baritone is deep and haunting. Teri’s plucking gives the spooky feel to the songs while her voice will give you chills. Tyson’s drumming complements the sound with a perfectly understated drums. It’s always fun to hear them play buy me a whiskey and hear their interplay as Tyson and Teri share their tale. After their set one audience member said, “I didn’t even know how much I needed Abandoned Bells until I heard you.”

Claire Adams also played as a trio with drums and stand up bass. Some songs may sound familiar to fans who also listened to Claire and the Crowded Stage, but she’s also playing new songs. Claire plays with this smile that fills the room. It’s fun being a shows where you can see the musicians having fun on stage. Claire’s voice feels like sunshine, old records, and honey; it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the beauty of her music. Claire’s music feels like an old friend you dance with while you work out topic of grief, love, self-doubt, and share old memories.

Abandoned Bells

Claire Adams

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