Brooke Blanche/Billy Don Burns

Tuesdays are wonderful because at the Westport Saloon it's Writes on the Rocks day. This year's first Writers on the Rocks featured Brooke Blance and Billy Don Burns. Brooke's music has a melancholy that will sooth the aches in your soul. Brooke's deep gravelly voice filled the room with beauty. When I think of classuc country, Brooke Blance's music to comes to mind with the heartache and his playing.

Billy Don Burns also fits into the classic country feels. His music is filled adventure. In between songs he told honest stories of his fascinating life of drug running in Mexico, spending time in the penitentiary, being divorced 6 times and being stabbed 17 times. Others stories he told were of his work with other country legends. Billy's interesting life and time working among the country greats made for some epic songs.

Brooke Blance

Billy Don Burns

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