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New Years Eve Eve with Not A Planet

Not A Planet kept up the yearly tradition on December 30 with their New Years Eve Eve concert. It’s such a rocking way to wrap up the year. It was absolutely freezing outside, but Kansas City music doesn’t stop for cold weather. The recordBar was full of people having a blast, many dedicated Not A Planet fans. To make this year unique they played all of their songs from their album The Few. The Proud. The Strange and their EP Smoke Bombs and Cigarettes: The History of Now. For their hardcore fans who make it to almost every show, this was a rare experience. At most of their shows, they stick to their higher energy songs to keep the crowd rocking. At this show we got to hear some their slower songs on the album we rarely get to hear live.

Looking around the crowd I could see joy on so many people’s faces singing along to the songs and dancing the night away. One of the fun moments was when Nathan didn’t have a capo and a fan jumped up on stage and used his fingers to make a capo. It was definitely a greatest show on earth kinda moment. In their song “The End” they sing, “In the end, love’s the only truth.” You could feel that in the crowd. There was a love of music and and sense of community in the air. This show set the perfect intention for 2018, go out and listen to music and create community wherever you are.

When you don't have a capo

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