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Oh Dear Oh My/Wick & the Tricks

Oh Dear Oh My started off the Macabre Carnival. It was an absolutely freezing out side, but people still found their way to prohibition dressed as their favorite performers and circus freaks. Oh Dear Oh My warmed up the stage with their dark synth pop with a pinch of video game music mixed in. In between Oh Dear Oh My a burlesque performer took the stage heating up the room with her performance.

Before taking the stage Jane, the bass player for Wick & the Tricks, handed a friend a sharpie and said write JoJo on my tattoo. The banner over her heart tattoo now read JoJo. This was a special show for Wick & the Tricks; this was JoJo, their drummers last show with the band. Wick commands the crowds attention with his punkish burlesque attitude. Chris will catch your eye with his handsome looks and ear with his driving guitar riff. Off to the other side of the stage was a very pregnant Jane slinging the bass and throwing out those perfect smirks. JoJo was far back on the stage, but only as to not blow us away in the tornado speed drumming.

JoJo originally started the band as rhythm guitar, but stepped into the role of drummer when the pervious drummer left the band. Drums were a new instrument for JoJo, but he took them on at full speed, as you need to in a punk band, and kept us rocking to the beat. When I interviewed the band last October we got to hear the comedian side of JoJo and you can also hear the quirkiness when you hear him on their new album say, I fucked up, but it was in rhythm.

Never fear, you can still hear JoJo play music in his new music project, Joseph Warren and the Wanderlust Revival. Wick & the Tricks also have a new drummer lined up to keep the music going.

Oh Dear Oh My

Oh Dear Oh My

Wick & the Trick

Wick & the Tricks

JoJo of Wick & the Tricks

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