Sofar Sounds One Year Anniversary Show

On November 26, 2017 Sofar Sounds KC celebrated it's one year anniversary. Sofar Sounds KC is part of a global community of music lovers who are curating a new listening experience. In fact, I Love KC Music named them as one of the organizations doing to most good in 2017. There mission is to bring back the magic to live music and their mantra is to be still and listen. It's rare to find a listening experience anything like this. You can learn more about Sofar Sounds in an interview I Love KC Music did with Hank, their program director HERE.

Going to a Sofar show is like going on a music mystery adventure with a group of music lovers. In order to go to a show you must first apply to go. When you sign up all you know is the date of the show, about where it will be in town and if it's residential or non-residential space. You only find out the musicians the day of the show. For whole spiel go Here and Sofar Sounds will give you all the details. The one year anniversary show was held at Horticulture. Sofar Sounds transforms everyday spaces into a place of music and magic. This store in the West Bottoms had cool vibe mixing vintage and modern pieces. For the show we headed up the staircase marked "Private" to find a room full of music lovers anticipating the music. This concert featured music from Carswell & Hope (LFK), Carlile (Chicago), and Foshee (Kansas City). Each band had a distinct sound, but all did something experimental in their own right. Carswell & Hope played a mix of alt-rock and folk music with hints Ireland. They played a more acoustic set with a harder folk sound. I especially liked their song about the painter, Seraphine. Carlile was the only unfamiliar band and they blew past any expectations I had. Carlie plays nu pop with thoughtful lyrics. Her voice is soulful and all the looping gives a rich texture to the beautiful music. Foshee takes the everyday experiences and puts them into a cinematic folk sound. He has the ability to take something sad and make it feel happy. It was a joyful night of celebration with great music, and lots of laughter in between sets thanks to the emcee Tevin.


Carswell and Hope



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