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AJ Gaiter/Jesse Ray Carter/Urban Pioneers

It's not surprise to find great music at the Westport Saloon. On October 15, 2017 a musical treat was had. AJ Gaither OMB kicked off the night with his distinctive homemade sound. His cigar box guitars are sure to rock you. AJ Gaither plays a set with great rhythm of those songs you can't not dance to and the slower songs to catch your breath too. Check out the video of him playing Buy More here. Jesse Rae Carter will get you boogieing along to their high energy rockabilly soaked with country and rock. The infamous Urban Pioneers closed down the night with old time hillbilly bluegrass, a little quirk, and a whole lotta dancing. You can catch the Urban Pioneers again on New Years Eve at the Westport Saloon.

AJ Gaither

A.J. Gaither OMB

Jesse Ray Carter

Urban Pioneers

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