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Drew Black and Dirty Electric - Clamour

Drew Black and Dirty Electric just released their first full length album, Clamour. If you like the heavier rock, this is definitely is an album you'll want in your collection. While it has a similar sound to their EP, Dead Kings and Queens, you can hear the bands growth in their music. The music still has the hard rock; driving, sexy guitar and drums that perfectly complement the guitar, but with a tighter, crisper sound. This album has ten songs. Plague opens the album perfectly with an intense building energy. Each song has vivid images. For example, Love and a Riot, summons the image of and make me think of the revolutionary Stonewall riot. This album has a darkness you can dance too. Apothecary, the last song, slows things down. While most of the album's darkness is hidden in the upbeat tempo, Apothecary's slowed tempo feels more melancholy. Clamour has a great flow of energy; it's an album to listen to all the way through.

You can order yours here: Clamour by Drew Black and Dirty Electric

On this album:

Drew Black: Guitar, vocals

Zach Hodson: Guitar, and vocals

Brad Scott: Bass

Ben Money: Drums

Also on this album:Ben Byard and Mark Johnson

1. Plague

2. 21

3. Sugar Goddess

4. Monochrome

5. Love & a Riot

6. Ba Dada Do

7. Moon

8. No Order in Disorder

9. Sweet June

10. Apothecary

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