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Sky Smeed on his new album Lunker Bass and more

Sky Smeed is about to have his record release for his new album, Lunker Bass. You're going to want to be at the recordBar on April 1st for the show and to pick up a copy of his new album. Sky Smeed's music captures the human condition with heart, compassion, and laughter in the style of roots and folk. At times Lunker Bass has me laughing (Bumper Sticker), feeling reminiscent of fishing trips with my grandpa (Lunker Bass), captured my Monday morning blues (Won't Go to Work), and caught me up in my feelings with songs about ending relationships and change. I had a chance to pick Sky's brain about his music career and of course, his new album, Lunker Bass.

Sky, how long have you been playing? I started playing piano when I was five years old. My sister gave me her old Takamine acoustic guitar when I turned sixteen, and I’ve been playing ever since.

What were some of the first songs you learned? In my first garage band I played a red Epiphone SG that I bought after a long summer of hauling hay. We played all the hits.

Gimmie Three Steps by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Long Black Veil, Johnny B Goode

I read in an interview that you had stopped playing for a few years, what drew you back to the music? I took a break from playing music to build a house out of an old train depot station outside of Chanute, Kansas. As soon as I was finished with that project I was ready to start writing songs and touring again. I bet that was a sweet house!

Tell me, what is your favorite part of being a musician? My favorite part of being a musician is playing shows all over the country and connecting with people. The free meals are nice too :)

You were just at Folk Alliance, what was that experience like for you? Overwhelming and Inspiring

This years theme at Folk Alliance was Forbidden Folk. Billy Bragg said in his key note speech said, "lMusic can't change the world, it's the audience that can. That said, music has incredible power." What role do you think a musician has in this world? To be a compassionate person and stand up for what is right.

You're song Bumper Sticker always makes me smile. I'm super excited to see it on your new album, Lunker Bass. What's the story behind the song? I put a bunch of bumper sticker sayings together in about 30 minutes. It doesn’t make any sense but it kind of rhymes and it’s a fun song to sing along with.

What are you most proud of with this album? My favorite song on the album is Lunker Bass. It’s a fishing story from my childhood. It’s as true as any fishing tale should be.

What is your creative process like? I usually write songs in the morning. Lately I’ve been starting with melody and then writing the lyrics, but I’ll try anything. I always keep coffee and oolong tea on hand, and I go trail running to keep my head clear.

Who have been great influences on your music? Guy Clark

If you could play a show with your dream line up, who would be in it? Truckstop Honeymoon, Beans On Toast, Steve Poltz

When are you playing next? April 1st at RecordBar with Truckstop Honeymoon

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