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2019 People's Choice Awards

People's Choice Awards 2019

The people of Kansas City have spoken! Check out their list below of their favorites from 2019.


Radio Station Who Best Supports the Kansas City Music Scene

Honorable Mention: KCUR 89.3

Best Music Festival

Honorable Mention: PorchFest

Music Organization Doing the Most Good in KC

Honorable Mention: Folk Alliance International

Favorite Music Venue

Honorable Mention: Mike Kelly's Westsider

Favorite Record Store in KC

Best Single in KC

1. "Got No Luck" by The Black Mariah Theater

2. "People in the Paper" and "Whip-Poor-Will" by Una Walkenhorst

4. "Folk Singer" and "Miss You" by Megan Luttrell

5. "Horses" by Martin Farrell Jr.

6. "Cute at Best" and "Your Not Invited" by True Lions

7. "Strange Turn" by Second Hand King

8. "Dirty Hands" and "Church in a Bar" by Sara Morgan

8. "The Nostalgic Generation" by Modernday Fitzgerald

10. "Powerlines" by Sheven and Tech N9ne

10. "Wanted to Love You" by Jake Wells

10. "Becky" by Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits

Best EP in KC

1. "Around the Fire" by Blue False Indigo

2. "The Creepy Jingles" by The Creepy Jingles

3. "LA Sessions" by Calvin Arsenia (EP)

4. "Disinformation Blues" by Chase the Horseman

5. "Started With a Family" by Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

6. "Break Their Heart" by The Sluts

7. "Otaku Moods" by Kadesh Flow

8. "Willing" by The Nicole Springer Band

9. "Love Art Growth" by Ivy Roots

10. "Y god Y" by Y god Y

Best Full Length Album in KC

1. "Another Whiff" by The Whiffs

2. "Even the Sparrow" by Kelly Hunt

3. "ameri'kana" by Making Movies

4. "House on Fire" by Hembree

5. "Carbon" by Olivia Fox

6. "Vinegar" by Julie Bennett Hume

7. "Wilder" by The Wires

9. "Leaving Again" by Sky Smeed

10. "Lulabies Till Dawn" by Simon Fink

Hembree - House on Fire

Due to an error on I Love KC Music's part, Cowtown Country Club was on the list for best album. While they were voted number two their album actually came out in 2018. Please check out their album, "Cowtown Country Club" it's great. I have listed in the awards above the albums that came out in 2019.

Favorite Regional Band to See Live

Honorable Mention: The Creepy Jingles and The Whiffs

People Making a Positive Impact in the KC Music Scene

1. Joel Garcia

2. Megan Luttrell

3. Martin Farrell Jr.

4. Jenna Rae

Jenna Rae

Honorable Mention: Mark Manning and Sondra Freeman and Rhonda Lyne

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