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Of Tree Interview

Coming October 12, 2018 Of Tree will be releasing their first full length album at the recordBar. I've had the privilege of get

ting a early listen and it's stunning. Of Tree"s (Ben and Laurel Parks, John Bersuch) album features the music of Eric McCann on bass, Sascha Groschang on cello, Michael Lemon on lap steel, Sean Lee on banjo and percussion, and Corey Martin on guitar.

Listening to How Does It Feel by Of Tree makes me feel like I'm sitting under stars on a quiet summer night contemplating the meaning of life. The album is nothing short of beautiful. The strings feel like floating on a wave starting at the stars. The music soars. Laurels voice calls out like a siren song pulling on the heart. There a haunting call and response between Ben and Laurel’s vocals. Underneath the soaring strings is a melancholy that feels just right.

This other worldly album has a vulnerability as they explore loss, love, and searching the meaning of life.

I had the chance to sit down with them and find out about the album and the band. We sat in their comfy home. After interviewing them I convinced them to play a song for you off their new album.

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