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The Matchsellers blast off in time and space to release The Bluegrastronauts

As I walked up to the Westport Coffee Shop, I was asked if I was there for the Matchsellers show. When I answered yes I was show to a step staircase that transported me to another world. With each step it grew a little darker. The stage twinkled in starry laser lights as people buzzed with anticipation for the start of the show. It was already clear this wasn't going to like most concerts.

The Bluegrastronauts...err The Matchsellers joined by The Breakfast Sides took the stage clad in space uniform with matching spaceships on their sweaters. This show took place in the future a long time ago. Before each song we got a theatrical story to go along with the song. This special night featured all the songs off their new album (which is amazing, you need it in your collection). This night was pure magic, laughter, and lots of fantastic bluegrass.

The Matchsellers

The Matchsellers & The Breakfast Sides

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