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A Band That Fell to the Earth

The Band That Fell to the Earth

David Bowie made music that matters. His music was life changing and did many things to change the face of rock n roll. His music holds a special place in many people's heart.

Because of their love of David Bowie some of Kansas City’s greatest musicians got together three years ago to form The Band That Fell to the Earth: A tribute to David Bowie. Three weeks before the first inaugural concert, David Bowie passed away. The demand was so great that the show was moved to this UpTown. This year the concert sold out at the recordBar.

This was a special night for so many. The line down the block was full of fans with faces done like Bowie, glitter and sequins lit up the sidewalk and strangers were becoming friends over conversations of their favorite David Bowie songs and moments. Walking in to the recordBar there was an electric excitement in the air. David Bowie themed art was for sale and there was a raffle happening for a charity taking place with lots of cool Bowie items.

The energy continued to build the crowd gathered to the stage. When The Band That Fell to the Earth took the stage, there was an explosion of excited energy. The band was dressed in their David Bowie best. There was even a sign language interpreter bringing the songs to life. With each song there was a moment of joy when the song was recognized and the crowd joined in. Looking in the crowd I saw many musicians and music fan with smiling faces. This was a night to remember; it was a night to live for.

The Band That Fell to the Earth

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