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Rudy's Final Show with the MGDs.

The MGDs are a band full of heart and when they play, they put it all on stage. This is a band that loves to play and have fun on stage. They get goofy, they interact with the crowd and their chemistry is palpable. I still remember the joy I felt the first time I saw them at Middle of the Map in 2017. This is a band that is one you just have to see live.

On December 9, they played a special show at Broadway Bistro. This show was Rudy’s last show with the band; he’s moved to Texas. It was a fun show, the crowd was filled with people who love the band and were there to send him off with love. I will miss the way that he and Teddy look like they’re having the best time ever playing together. One of my favorite memories of Rudy in the band is the time when they were playing the Plaza Art Fair in 2016. Rudy had jumped off the stage and was playing in the crowd. There was a young girl and he got on her level to play. Good luck in Texas, Rudy!

The MGDs

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