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Happy Birthday, I Love KC Music!

Dear KC Music Lovers,

Today is I Love KC Music's one year anniversary (June 19, 2017) and it's been one hell of a ride so far. Last year at Boulevardia, I was taking with Alex of The Noise FM about how I had been dreaming about starting a music blog, but I would wait until I was good at writing and photography. I got home from Boulevardia and realized I would never get good if I didn't just start. With that I figured there was no better time to start then today so on June 19, 2016 I created I Love KC Music.

So who is behind I Love KC Music anyways? My name is Kimmy DeVries. I'm originally from Michigan, but I've lived in Kansas City since fall of 2010. Three years ago a friend was in town on tour (again) and finally convinced me to go to a show. Live music has impacted my life in profound ways. I was going to more and more shows. It was in 2014 a college friend asked to come visit from Ohio and trade housing for a ticket to Middle of the Map Fest. It was at this festival that I finally felt at home in this wonderful place called Kansas City. I was in love. Overtime I had a strong desire to be more involved, but I'm not musically inclined. A friend told me once, we don't need more bands, we need more people to come to our shows. That's when I realized I would like to help friends promote their shows. At first I created an Instagram that I used (and still do as I Love KC Music). However, It was after Boulrvardia I decided to do more then just post on Instagram. That's when I Love KC Music went to from just Instagram to an actual blog. I wanted to discover as many bands in KC as I could and share them with fellow Kansas Citians.

Oh what a year it has been. I never imagined that starting I Love KC music would change my life in so many ways. I have found inexplicable joy. Although at the time this is a hobby and not a job (for my paid gig I teach one year olds), I have found work that gives my life meaning, beauty, friendship, art, and hope. In 2017 alone I have seen over 180 bands from around the city, the country and the globe. In KC we are so blessed with an unimaginable pool of talented bands as well as the perfect location in the middle of the map for touring bands to stop through and share their music with us. In this city we have many music festivals to enjoy. Every night of the week their is music to take in. We have a rich history with Jazz. We have many different parts of town to go listen to music at bars or concert venues of various sizes.

As I reflect on this year, I feel incredibly grateful. I am thankful for the bands who have let me interview them. I'm thankful for festivals who have given me the ability to give press coverage to their festivals. I'm thankful for my parents who helped me get a camera so that my photography could grow. I'm thankful for all the bands who have let me come and cover their shows. It's been a joy to not only feel myself grow as a person, but to also have the gift of seeing bands grow and develop.

Thank you Kansas City for believing in me. I can't wait to continue to document our current music history, share album reviews, band interviews, and keep you informed with what shows are happening. I love this city and it's music more everyday. Let's keep discovering together. Cheers to one year. Here's to many more.



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