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Diarrhea Planet and The Darkness

Diarrhea Planet is on tour right now with The Darkness. On April 8 Diarrhea Planet and The Darkness took over The Truman for a night of rock! It may have been a Sunday night, but that didn't stop anyone from going all out.

Diarrhea Planet may have been the opening band, but their energy and excitement level was epic. People were there to see the opener as much as The Darkness. There was a wild playfulness about their performance. Each song was full of epic guitar riffs and solos. The crowd was reactive to their stage performance as they got wild playing the edge of the stage leaning into the crowd, goofing off with each other, and hamming it up for the camera. Listening to their recorded music just doesn't do justice to what they bring to the stage.

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet Crowd Surffing

As Diarrhea Planet finished their set, they told the crowd to wake up The Darkness who was backstage in the peaceful quiet with a loud chant and the crowd got loud, in fact, they told us we were the loudest city yet. Anticipation was building in an already energetic crowd. The stage went dark as we waited for their set to start. When they came out to play, they came out one by one showing out as the crowd cheered them on. Pinewood Smile came out in the fall of 2017 and they played many songs from their new album, but they also played a mix of songs from their collection of pervious albums. As the crowd danced and sang along to many of their songs, they put on a commanding stage

Justin in a KC hat with the glasses

performance. The set was full of memorable moments. Once moment was when Justin got the crowd to sing along, but when it wasn't to his liking he joked with the crowd if they didn't sing better he'd have to beat them. The crowd sang again sounding much more enthusiastic and Justin retorted, I realize that this relationship has gotten a bit

Justin in a KC hat

abusive, but you sounded much better. Another moment was when Justin noticed an audience member's glasses and asked to try them on. The glasses worked their way to the stage and Justin put them on. He then asked for another audience member's hat. When he put them on, he joked with the crowd for a bit and then preformed in the hat and glasses for a song. Of course the show also featured stage jumps, removing layers of clothing, more sarcastic banter with the crowd and lots of onstage chemistry with the band. Glam rock is alive and well and lots of fun for the crowd. Much to the crowd's delight, as an encore they of course performed their biggest hit, I Believe in a Thing Called Love.


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